Martin Hall awarded MBE in the New Years Hours List

Martin Hall, the JMLSG Chairman, has been awarded an MBE for his services to the financial services industry.

Martin has made contributions to the industry in many areas, including 11 years as Director-General of the Finance and Leasing Association and a similar period as Chairman of the Money Advice Trust.

I would like also to believe that the award is intended to pay tribute to his work in helping to produce the JMLSG Guidance, both as Chairman of the JMLSG's Editorial Panel during the major exercise of preparing the 2006 Guidance and subsequently as Chairman of the JMLSG Board during the 2007 revision.

No other financial jurisdiction benefits from such a detailed guide to operational practice, produced by the industry and endorsed by government and the regulator. Martin has always been a vigorous advocate of its value.

David Swanney, Secretary to the JMLSG

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